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Thanksgiving Basket Outreach Program 2014

Chair: Hilla Mody Motiani, 1-408/309-8239

Well Done Everyone!

Cupertino; 26 November 2014 Amazing team of Committed, So-hard-working, and Fun Volunteers! Thank you so very much for all your energy, effort and true fellowship with the 2014 Thanksgiving Basket Program. We executed on our plan of providing the 180 baskets smoothly and with practically no hiccups! West Valley Community Services- our partners and collaborators- were delighted and thrilled with the smooth execution, as were the 180 clients. Some of you were with the program on Sunday, some on Monday, some on both days, and some were busy behind the scenes making the program happen. It truly "does take a village" …and in our case it took a community and a parish. I took good notes of all the suggestions and feedback many of you provided and will be sharing them with you in early December.

Grateful thanks again and a very safe and happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. I am so honored to lead this program and to have the opportunity to team up with each of you.

Warmest wishes,

Cupertino; 1 November 2014 The Outreach Collection last weekend was very successful. Many thanks for your generous contributions! Checks are still gratefully appreciated and can be made out to St. Joseph's Outreach and placed in the collection basket at Mass or dropped off at the parish office. As a reminder: one basket typically runs about $30.
The non-perishable Food Drive begins this weekend, November 1st-2nd, and continues through November 23rd. Place your donations in the collection boxes inside the church vestibule lobby or outside the chapel doors. The recipients appreciate what is provided at an especially difficult time. Please check expiration dates before donating, as this saves our team valuable time! Refer to the insert in last week's bulletin or the parish web site for a requested food items list.Food Drive List

We welcome and need volunteers. Please contact Hilla Motiani at 1-408/309-8239 if interested. Please contact the Parish Office at 1-408/252-7653 to refer a family in need of a basket.

Thank you for your generosity!

Cupertino; 24 October 2014 The SJC Community has a 40-year history of serving our neighbors and community with the annual Thanksgiving Basket Program. We are relying once again on your generosity to accomplish a successful canned food and monetary collection this year.
The Parish Food Drive kicks off the Nov. 1-2nd weekend and runs through the Nov. 22-23 weekend. The 2014 Outreach Collection is this weekend Oct. 25-26th. Checks made out to St. Joseph's Outreach and monetary donations will be collected after mass. One basket typically runs about $30.

Please keep the bulletin "Food Drive" insert as a reminder of the types of non-perishable foods that are needed. The list can be downloaded here:Food Drive List
Place your donations in the Food Collection bins outside the SJC sanctuary and chapel, after checking the expiration dates of course!

Parishioners in need of a basket may please contact the Parish Office at 1-408/252-7653.

Thank you for your generosity!

Cupertino; 17 October 2014. SJC parish has been assisting our neighbors with the annual Thanksgiving Basket Outreach Program for 40 years: we served 220 recipients in our community last year. The 2014 Outreach Collection to support the program is at all mass services on Oct. 25/26th. Please make your checks out to St. Joseph's Outreach. Cash donations will be collected too. One basket typically runs about $30.

The 2014 Food Drive kicks off the November 1-2nd weekend and runs through the Nov. 22-23 weekend. We are looking forward to a very successful canned goods collection. The need is especially great this year. Please look out for the Food Drive insert in next week's bulletin and plan on supporting this worthy outreach program. Thank you for your generosity!





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