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arrow "Morning Has Broken", sung by Sofyan Nugroho, September 15, 2007

"Morning Has Broken" Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the plethora of questions that stand in the way of being a Christian? We live in a modern society that often looks at organized religions as laughable belief systems and other times convenient tools to justify a set of political positions. Whatever the effect or the outcome, we feel the pressure and tension. It is too easy to wallow in these and be detached. Maybe, just maybe, we lose the perspective on what it is that we are called to be Christians. There are certainly challenges in life and conflicts with the secular world, but that should not take away the simple truth of being alive in Christ. Isn't the knowledge of salvation in Christ alone sufficient to sustain us? Isn't the sanctifying grace by the Holy Spirit enough to give us joy? Isn't the nourishment of the Word of God enough for us to be eternally grateful?

It is this sense of simple joy and gratefulness for what God has given us that transpires in this beautiful melody of "Morning Has Broken". It reminds us to really see God's work in the simplest things and not to take things for granted. Rather, we are encouraged to give thanks to God with joyous songs and praise. Amen.

Sofyan Nugroho

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