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arrow "Amazing Grace", sung by Sofyan Nugroho, February 10, 2007

"Amazing Grace" has always been one of my favorite hymns. The rise and flow of the melody is very expressive. Though most of the time I am not consciously aware of the lyrics until recently while I was preparing a talk for the RCIA. I was struck by how this hymn conveys our humility and thanksgiving for our Lord's redeeming grace. Its beauty transcends beyond the simple melody.

This rendition of "Amazing Grace" was made based on the request of Sister James, Gloria and Adelfa several months ago. I set it aside after completing the recording. Now with my new found appreciation for this hymn, I listen to it again and I am pleasantly surprised to find how different it sounds to me. It seems to have an added dimension where it wasn't there before. Maybe now not only I hear it with my ear, but also with my open heart.

Sofyan Nugroho

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