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Easter Homily, Rev. Gregory Kimm

O who will roll the stone away?
For though oíer sun and moon he does hold sway
And to rule a universe is his right,
To unseal this tomb he has no might.

He wants to jump and rise and soar
And lead us where death is no more.
But we, though merely human, can prevent
The happíning of this God-event.

For if we do not welcome him in others,
If we hate our sisters and curse our brothers,
If we neglect the needy and shun the poor,
If we surrender to greedís allure,

If we, heedless of Godís call,
Turn away from his holy Church and fall
Into the arms of the father of sin,
And no new beginning do we begin,

Then from his tomb Christ cannot go;
There will be no new life to bestow.
For if hearts are closed as with an iron gate,
The tomb Christ cannot penetrate.

O who will roll the stone away?
O who will roll the stone away?
For it will surely every stay
If we think the summons of this day
Is but to come to church and for a while, pray.