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Charitable Gift Annuities

Have you ever considered making a bequest to the Parish at the time of your death?

Or maybe you would like to get a tax deduction from a gift now, possibly from an appreciated asset, and still get an income stream every year until your death?

Are you heavily invested in CD’s for safety purposes and would like to get a higher guaranteed rate of return, part of which would be tax free, while benefiting the Parish?

But perhaps you’re living off your assets and need all of them now. So you’re deferring making a bequest until your death, even though you know that the gift may be subject to Estate Taxes.

All of these things and more could be addressed by making a “Charitable Gift Annuity” now. The picture below illustrates the concept.

Charitable Gift Annuity Cycle

If you’d like to explore this concept further, the Diocesan web site explains it in great detail, and allows you to evaluate your own specific situation. The web site speaks in terms of gifts to the Diocese, but the exact same concepts apply to the Parish as well.

More on Charitable Gift Annuities...

If you’re interested in pursuing this in person, please call the Parish Offices and they will arrange a meeting with you to discuss it.

Telephone: 408/252-7653